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1.70 KGS

Our slate map of Texas is pretty stunning! It has a wonderful outline that every Texan will recognise from a hundred paces. It is also a great shape for a slate cheese board, table mat or black board! 

We make our Texas slate map in Scotland and cover the reverse side of each slate with hand cut, soft, red felt, not only giving the slate a soft finish but a stylish one too; another thing all Texan's love! Each slate is then carefully hand packed into one of our beautiful bespoke gold gift boxes before shipping all over the world.

Our slates make great gifts for expats and visitors alike. They make great gifts to take with you on holiday or to ship to friends. Why not create your own personal message using one of our chalk pens? See our "Everything Else" section. What better way to personalise your gift than with your own message in your own hand? Alternatively, we are delighted to put personal messages in with your slates for you.

We are delighted to make slates to order so if you would like a different size or shape, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

With international shipping, please get in touch and we can get you a price. International shipping isn't as much as you might think!