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Miniature Schnauzer

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0.40 KGS

Our new miniature Schnauzer slates are just the cutest things ever! They are the miniature version of our large Schnauzer slates, which make the perfect gift for the miniature Schnauzer lover! Cut from natural slate with soft red felt covering the whole of the back of the slate, each slate is cut and hand finished individually with care and attention in Scotland at Slated HQ in Ayrshire.

We deliver this gorgeous little slate in one of our beautiful gift boxes making a stunning and original present for any occasion and a must have for all Schnauzer owners and lovers alike.

The miniature Schnauzer slate can be hung on the wall using one of our hanging discs (see our Everything Else section) and can be used as a slate message board with one of our wonderful dust free chalk pens, or can be placed on the table as a trivet or simply as a beautiful object to decorate the home.

We are delighted to send our slates worldwide. Please get in touch for international shipping details.

27 x 26cm