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Leaping Salmon shaped slate

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0.60 KGS

An ideal gift for any keen fisherman, the salmon slate makes a wonderful serving platter for your smoked salmon canapés, cheeses or charcuterie. Why not pair it with the trout slate as a little reminder of the ones that got away! 

The salmon slate makes a wonderful gift for the angler who prizes this rather special fish. It can also be used as a message board for reminders such as "mend the hole in my waders" before the next outing to the river.... Why not add one of our easy to use hanging discs to your order, these are found in our Everything Else section.

Our salmon slate makes a stunning wall clock. We make these to order, so please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, we are delighted to make slates to order. If there is a breed of fish that you would like us to make, please do contact us, we would be delighted to help you.

51 x 25cm