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Chalk Pens

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Our wipeable chalk pens are a great way to use your slate as a message board or black board.

They are also a wonderful way to send personal messages on slates that are gifts, why not write a personal message on your chosen slate for that extra special and personal touch. 

For special occasions such as weddings, big birthdays and anniversaries, if you are giving a slate as a group gift; why not all write a personal message on your chosen slate and have some fun at the same time as giving a wonderfully unique and personalised gift.

We have White chalk pens and Gold chalk pens. Please specify on your order which colour you would like.

The pens are like felt tip pens with a nib you push down on to activate the flow of ink.

when using your chalk pen for the first time, please allow a minute or two of pushing down on the nib to allow the ink to saturate the nib.

When you have left a message on the slate for a long time, it can take a bit of cleaning to remove the writing. In this case, use hot water and washing up liquid with a washing up cloth to scrub the slate clean.